Harness Data

SQL Server Database Administration

With  over 15 years of SQL Server experience, we are your trusted experts in all areas, including:

  • Installation
  • Performance Tuning
  • Maintenance
  • Backups
  • Best Practices

Your Network Manager manages your network. Your Applications Manager manages your applications. Let a Database Administrator administer your database servers.

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Simplify Decisions

Business Intelligence

Supports and informs decision makers and leaders. Gain clarity through processing and analyzing financial, customer, and operations data. BI answers these questions:

- Did actual sales meet our projected sales?

- How can I tell how fast my business is growing or if it is running out of gas?

- What is my manufacturing equipment uptime?

- My data is in a lot of places – how can I easily compile and report against it?

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Deliver Results

SharePoint Adoption

The number one complaint about SharePoint: users just don’t like it. More fairly, they often simply don’t understand either how it works, or what value SharePoint holds for users. Poor implementations and unreasonable business expectations are the driving factors behind rejection. Quick wins, user training and need-driven implementation are the deciding factors behind a successful SharePoint environment. Increase your SharePoint understanding by leveraging SharePoint experts with User Adoption.

“Usage has grown to almost 100% of our staff and faculty, with significantly fewer complaints and much higher satisfaction.”

~ Paul Stackhouse, IT Manager, FNU

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